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The Hubs Has Decided I’ve Lost My Mind

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But what else is new.   ” You aren’t going to get all weird on me now, are you? ”  Define weird.

So, I have this dear, dear, friend.  She went a little “Earth Mommy” several years ago, and for VERY good reason.  Her young daughter was having debilitating physical problems. Changing her daughter’s diet has made all the difference in the world. She continually has to change it as well as certain things start causing issues.

So, I was one of many that poked a little fun at her.  Ok, maybe not a little, but a lot. She was/is eating the same way her daughter is and spends a huge amount of time preparing REAL food for her daughter and herself, all while working full-time. I gave her LOTS & LOTS of shit about this.  I used to ask if she was growing hair under arms and shit like that.  I used to call her my California Hippie Mom friend.  Living in the deep South, this is a little “far out” for some to accept. She put up with it and is still one of my closest, dearest friends today.   How?  I’m not exactly sure, but she is. What an amazing lady.  I apologize for being like that!


Organic. Really does make a difference.

So, she keeps educating people on real food. Slowly, but surely,  I started to listen and started to take baby steps. I was then deemed her “crunchy” friend. I got more organic. Organic food actually tastes like real food. Hmmmmmmmmmm. I started realizing all the crap in our food supply and how a lot of it is making a whole lot of people very sick and very fat. You can actually start tasting chemicals in food. Hmmmmmmmm.   I started doing research on my own. Our food supply and the FDA really scare me. They should scare you too, but don’t trust me.  Do your own research.

I’ve been following blogs as well.  One of my favorites, Heather Untethered, hasn’t been posting much lately, but I think it’s because she’s working on her PHD and her thesis about how removing grains effects many things like OCD, ADHD, etc. She’s also a full-time teacher, has 2 young children.  I’ll have to admit, this blog REALLY got me thinking even more seriously about my own household and all of our own issues.  Additionally, I’ve been following Wheat Belly, Balance Bites, and Against All Grain. The results that these websites show and the education they give really can’t be disputed.  I have felt like shit, been SO tired, suffered with migraines, arthritis pain in my knees, bloating, etc for many, many years. I just thought it was part of getting older.  So I decided to give some of this crazy shit a try.

I have been grain-free for about 3-4 weeks now.  Please keep in mind that I did this to feel better, not for weight loss, but I have lost weight and I’ll take it!!!  I’m not majorly overweight.  I’m what you’d call healthy, but pudgy.  About 4 weeks ago, I was the heaviest I’ve ever been for me, which did bother me, but again, thought it was just part of getting old. I’m short, so 5lbs on me looks like 10-12lbs. I also have big boobs.  Why God gave a short person big boobs, I’ll never know.  Maybe it’s to make up for height?  Anyway, I’ve decided to start documenting on my blog my journey to better health.  I won’t do “before” and “after” photos since I’m still trying to stay some what anonymous.   I will share with you what diet changes have done for me.

I started this after a milestone birthday too. So it will be somewhat easy to remember when I started.  I went entirely grain-free the week after that birthday. At the same time, I went processed sugar-free. I was a raging bitch for the first week, but I made it through.  I really didn’t expect anything in the first month.  Boy was I surprised.

4 weeks in:

  • Down 8 lbs
  • Have a TON more energy through out the day
  • Headaches – minimal to almost gone.  I’ll admit, that first week of wheat “detox” sucked with head aches, but I pushed through it.
  • Sleeping the entire night now without the help of Advil PM and sleeping like a rock. I’m even sleeping through the Hubs snoring. (this is huge)
  • No more Afrin at night as my sinus/allergy issues have been greatly reduced. This may change as Fall seasonal allergies set in, but who knows.
  • Arthritis pain in my knee is gone – not just reduced, but GONE. This was the biggest surprise to me. Stunned.
  • I’m not sure if I have a gluten issue or wheat issue, but I can certainly tell now when I’ve been “wheated” or “glutenated” on accident.  I know I’m not allergic, like someone with celiac disease, but I think I certainly have a sensitivity. That shit is in everything. I ordered salmon and broccoli out one evening.  A sauce was on top and I didn’t think anything of it.  Next morning, I felt hung over.  I was kinda pissed, because if I’m gonna be hungover, I should have had one hell of a time the night before!
  • I discovered wine has no gluten or wheat in it.  (Thank GOD!) It does have a lot of sugar in it, but I slowly added it back in after the 21 Day Sugar Detox I did.
  • This is A LOT of hard work in the beginning.  Wheat, gluten, grain, is in EVERYTHING! Following the Paleo (cave man) way of eating has made it much easier. There is a ton of information, recipes and helpful hint on Paleo out there and some great books (see the above mentioned websites).

So there you go.  I can’t dispute these changes. The way I feel makes it worth it.  I wish I could get the rest of the family on board.  The Hubs thinks I’ve lost my mind and does not think this is going to last. I’ve got news for him.  It’s going to last.  It’s a life style change for me.  Will I slip up and go on a cinnamon roll binge sometime.  Probably, but knowing how much better I feel now, it won’t be a regular thing.  I’m thinking now that we are in the school routine, I may actually make it back to the gym (Insert shock and horror sound in here too).  I finally feel like I have the energy to do it!

I’m now the weird “Earth Mommy” to my friends and family and I know how my friend felt when I poked fun at her.  It’s all right.  I feel better and if anyone wants to join me in feeling better, I’ll be happy to share what I know. Otherwise, it’s your choice what you do. Do whatever works for you. I can only share what has worked for me.  It’s your choice if you want to follow this blog too.

So, define weird.  We may all have our own definition.



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